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原文标题:Glimpses of China's urbanisation drive



China has started a massive urbanization program. According to reports, China's urbanised population will rise from 51 per cent in 2011 to 70 per cent  in 2030.

China plans to upgrade many towns into cities and improve its infrastructure to attract more people to urban areas.

Here are glimpses of China's urbanisation program...














辽宁省沈阳市一家酒店的废弃厕所里,曾领军在小便处旁和儿子一起玩耍。 曾领军是修鞋匠,2006年租了一个废弃的厕所当家,并在2010年娶王志霞,组建了自己的家庭。












湖北武汉凌志小学(Lingzhi primary school)的学生和老师们,在租来的四层高住宅大楼的屋顶上参加升旗仪式。


























浙江省台州市玉环县,正被拆除的一栋居民楼的屋顶上,工人正在用挖掘机作业。 由于地基不牢,这栋大楼被发现向西倾斜。












india s strength
by junaid atalique

Indias strength is its population,otherwise there is no technological or any advancement here to lure any foreigners or investmenst.


Choice is Clear
by Ghaghraa

With Modi we can be worst than Afganistan, and with Rahulji we can surpase chinas development. Do you need any further reason to vote for Rahuji?


Urbanization dangers.
by srinivas ganesh

More Urbanization, more crimes,dirty,pollution etc. We don't need urbanization. India needs more and more small villages where everybody knows each other, no crime,no pollution,clean and neat. In village, one can have everything because they grow their food and they are self sufficient. Today's Indian villages are becoming pathetic because all educated people are getting migrating to citys and becoming fit for nothing. Software employee needs food from farmer,but farmer doesn't need a software. So, Most of the employees who are not useful to farmer are more like a beggers.


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chose which people you want to live with
by Raj Thackersey

India people - keep mouth clean gutter dirty.
China people - keep gutter clean but mouth dirty




India and Population Explosion
by abc_xyz abc_xyz

The root cause to all the problems in India can be attributed to just ONE FACTOR - POPULATION. Because of such a huge population growth, whatever methods our constitution and the govt does goes ineffective. This leads to frustration and as a result corruption creeps in. When you know you can get away with law and order by bribing, you tend to reach the upper scales of society by doing all the wrong deeds. And to dominate others you got to control your potential threats with violance..thereby criminalisation of politics comes into the picture. India is the country which has the most talented, yet ineffective middle class. We neither vote regularly, nor support good work done by a handful few.

On the other hand, China realised that the only way to go forward was through population control. They effected 1-child policy and between 1979 and 1999, they reduced their numbers by atleast 20 crores. Now they have relaxed the policy.

Even though I hate communism, I believe, communism and dictatorship is atleast better than psuedo-democracy. With the kind of political , economic and social set-up, India will never ever achieve super-stardom. All these concepts of BRICS nations, India emerging as IT-hub are all rubbish. The western world only talk about the topmost layer of the cream. The rest of the so-called fake cream (Esp IAS,IPS, IFS) are tied by the govt red-tape protocol and the rest of cake, which is rotten completely. The only way forward to control population.




Re: India and Population Explosion
by nailesh kumar
you are right, but indians are multi culture and there are religions (mus and chris) who will be against controlling the population and our politicians wants to please these minority to be in power


Re: India and Population Explosion
by junaid atalique
yes you are right only one religion people have crossed 1 billion mark here in sych a small land.


China a friend of Modi
by biswanath roy

By the way,I had been to Gujerat for some Consultancy work and was surprised to learn that most of the States Infrastructure projects are been carried out by Chinese firms partnering Indian firms, whether it is Power plants,Ports,SolarPP,etc.Also came to know that Modi has visited China 3 times, and is their favourite Indian politician, and also the favourite PM candidate of most of the persons who have commented here. So, my friends beware, if Modi becomes PM, Chinese firms will get projects in galore,and Chinese goods will be seen everywhere.


china urbanisation
by ramakrishna reddi

I had been to china a few yrs back no doubt they are far hahead of us. here we get bogged down with litigations and court stays. govt cannot proceed.
i think we need dictator for the next 10 yrs to develop the country then bring back democracy
we will on top.




Re: china urbanisation
by French Cuisine
The major difference between China and India is that - in CHina there is only one party to bribe, here there are too many parties all of whom want bribe. Since everyone wants piece of the pie - there are so many litigations.


Re: china urbanisation
by sanjay kulkarni
I agree for this. We need strong dictator for next 25 years at least. ALL religions should have same rule of population control and equal education.
Strong leader is times demand, else we wont see 100th Independence day for our country.... China is ready to invade in coming 25 years ....


China way ahead
by vilas apte

My son is employed in an Indian IT Co, and for the last 3 years is posted @ Shanghai. My wife and myself for the last 2 years(2011 & 2012)have visited China and toured extensively,courtesy my son. I have seen at least 20 of their cities, and many villages which have tourist interest, and I can vouch that their infrastructure is way ahead(minimum 15 years)of India. 20 of their cities are having operating Subways/Metro systems the highest in the world. Shanghai and Beijing subways have a length of track over 500kms,15-16 lines are in operation.20 more cities are constructing their subways. These subways are cheap,fast,very clean, and have sign boards and announcements in English, thereby posing no problem for foreigners.Their HSR services are superb Shanghai-Beijing, 1340 kms distance in 4.50 hours,unbelievable. Which country in the world has over 10,000 kms of HSR tracks in operation and trains moving @300-350 kms/hr speed.Even Japan,France do not have it on such a scale. I have seen comments of quite a few, to whom I would request to go, and visit that country, and see with your own eyes before writing something foolish.


Re: China way ahead
by Shri Hegde
sounds like if possible you and your son will immigrate there


Re: Re: China way ahead
by vilas apte
Mr Hegde, get your English right,to leave one's own country is termed as "emigration" and not "immigration" as you are calling it. Immigrate is exactly the opposite i.e coming into India.Anyway we can both simultaneously leave our country-you to USA/UK, me to China, please inform me so that I can take steps to do so.Thank you for your tip.


Re: China way ahead
by dhiraj malpani
I stayed in shanghai for 4 months on project assignments and just fall in love with the city....its clean, properly managed despite the population burst in & around the city....you can easily roam around the city through subways which is effective, safe & cheap !!


Re: Re: China way ahead
by Raj Thackersey
malpani - did you try speaking to chinese?? mouth smells like gutter.

India - keep mouth clean gutter dirty.

China - keep gutter clean but mouth dirty




Re: Re: Re: China way ahead
by Jugal Ahuja
This Raj knows that Chinese mouth dirty, because he tried to kiss chinese girl and got slapped. The name of the Shanghai lane Raj has mentioned is Shanghai's red area,where this slapping incident with Raj happened. So we know what sort of person he is.


Re: China way ahead
by Raj Thackersey
Sir, When in Shanghai please visit Kangding Lu, especially after 11 PM to see the light show


by Ajai Jacob

Success of China in its march to becoming the second most powerful country in the world is due to communism.

Many say that China is capitalistic nowadays.But it is predominantly communism in China.A mixture of communism with a little of capitalism created the wonder of modern China,the world's most populous nation.

Think about it instead of mindlessly deriding communism.




Re: China
by sidha bol
It is not communism it is dictatorship in the name of communism


Re: Re: China
by Ajai Jacob

Tell me the name of the dictator,Sidha.

In every country,whether US,India or any other,the real power is always in the hands of a few.So don't blabber.

Democracy is OK for countries with low population like the US.Effective management of large,bulging populations need tight systems like communism.




Re: Re: Re: China
by sidha bol
baby there is no election in china and people are not allowed to vote or select anybody


Re: Re: Re: Re: China
by ravinder khatana
check your knowledge...they have election but it totally differ thn our election...they use bottom to top approach


Re: Re: Re: Re: China
by sidha bol
please check google for mao's concentration camp also. u will get the answer


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: China
by Ajai Jacob

In the same way,millions were killed in India-Pak partition and in such incidents around the world.

What is the use of elections if it is manipulated?Read Aravind Adiga's booker prize winning book 'white tiger' to understand about the pseudo-democracy in India.

In China,there are elections within the communist party.Now that China is somewhat developed,the leaders there are talking about socialist democracy,a new concept.




Re: Re: Re: China
by John
China was and is a poor country, so China needs to some tough measures to improve the speed of development. China lost something, also got some things. I also think that China needs democracy, we would like to study from India, but our progress will be slow in this field. India is also developing very fast, China and India, the two countries with a large population, though the road they walk is different, will eventually be both democracy and rich


Re: Re: Re: Re: China
by Ajai Jacob

John,according to world bank norms,China has 11% below poverty line and India has 54% below poverty line.Then how can you say China is also a poor country?

What the chinese communists achieved in 60 years,India may achieve in 300 years.That is the difference.



Re: China
by Gopal panda
I dont understand why some people compare apple with oranges and jump cry or gets fascinated by apple's look.

Here Why we are comparing India and China?
We have different people culture political environment mindset thinning than China.

The people who praise china , are they Indians? Are they doing anything else than just comparing facts gathered from here and there? Ask them why cant they forward step ahead to make India a good place to live in.

People like Ajai only knows the data in comparion sheet nothing else.

Instead of blabbering here why dont we people make our India far more better than China.







by arungopal agarwal

India does not lack anywhere in urbanisation, may be even superior in general, but we lack discipline in public life, for that our leaders are responsible.


Re: China
Dear Arungopal; We lack desipline, So all Indians should under go complusary Military training program to save our nation Else we will be breeding Terrorists in rapist society


Re: China
by Desi Bhai
On the contrary, its the other way around: Indians lack integrity in their daily life and character in their mental makeup and hence so do the politicians that they have elected from amongst their midst.


Re: Re: China
by arungopal agarwal
Dear Ones- I have travelled China and concluded my remarks, we need correction in attitude. I am neither a bureaucrat nor politician, power lies with them, they are to take correction, else get defeated in long run.


Re: China
by French Cuisine
What? We have very very poor urbanization. Most states have cities - which are extremely ill-equipped to hold the massive incoming population from rural areas and Bangladesh. Take K'taka - we are 140k sq km, 60 million population. We have only one bug city - B'lore. APart we have Mysore and Mangalore - both tiny cities with very little industry. Go to any European country - if you travel around u will find city after city. Switzerland (41k sq km , 8million population) alone has at least five big industrial cities - Zurich, Geneva, Bonn, Luzern ... Probably five countries will hold in UP - how many real cities do they have except semi-developed old cities? Bihar has 100 million people - where are the cities? Only Patna? And that too un-liveable.

USA has 300 million people - it has one city after another all world class. Only 2 percent lives in rural areas. India is absolutely pathetic in urbanization. And the major reason for this is the tendency to centralize - every state has one major city and the rest in undeveloped. We need cities - and those cities must be well equipped, so that we can shift around 70-80 pc of the population to cities. And still there will be huge rural poverty



Re: Re: China
by sidha bol
So u mean to say creating city is the only way of urbanization ? What a brain u have. Have u ever though creating cities requires land which anyway reduces production of foodgrains and raises the price.


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Re: Re: Re: China
by Ashish P
You got it wrong. We don't need to create 'new' cities, but develop the existing small towns and villages into bigger cities with good infrastructure.


Re: Re: Re: Re: China
by sidha bol
That we are already doing. example bhiwari,greater noida, neemrana, amritsar, meerut, trichy, bhopal, indore, asansol etc.. So why the French Cuisine is crying ?

这个我们已经在做了,比如毕瓦里、大诺伊达区、尼拉纳、阿姆利则、密鲁特、特里奇、博帕尔、印多尔、阿散索尔等.....为何French Cuisine要鬼叫?

by Ravi

India is far behind in developing infrastructure like China.


Re: India
by sidha bol
this shows why we are lacking behind due to illiterate like u who don't know anything real fact but ready to write comments like a literate.


by SK B

if this is urbanization then better not have it, these images are really sickening ...


Re: what?
by ratnakar kamath
What is sickening? I have been to China three times and am amazed at their achievements. We are nowhere.


Re: what?
by Chakravarthy Kodali
I have been to Shanghai... my first reaction while I'm traveling between airport to hotel is wow... excellent city...


Re: what?
by Red Planet
I agree with SK B. Human should not be packed / parked like goods. This so called urbanization will kill creativity.

我赞同SK B的说法。人不应该像货物一样被堆积起来。所谓的城市化会扼杀创造性。

by Satheesh Angamuthu

Let us stop comparing the corrupted and selfish people filled India, with China. China is not competing with the US to get the 1st place of the super power nations. India...hmmm...politicians are termites and people are deaf & dumb and selfish... Corruption in all departments, sectors... Everything is manipulated ex : fuel price, gold price to cheat the people. India can never become a superpower or even a Developed nation like US or China. Instead, countries like Brazil, South Africa are not in the race. While Brazil is ready to host Olympic, we could not even host Commonwealth games. Thanks to the robber Kalmadi. Likewise everything is contaminated. So China is faaaaaaaar ahead of India.


No comparison
by Jugal Ahuja

India should not be compared to China.Arungopal Agarwal, is correct,he has seen China and thus is aware of its backwardness, we all have never been there. National Geographic/Discovery channels, & websites like Rediff/Yahoo etc are spreading lies about China's development, by showing its HSR's,Huge bridges,multi tier elevated roads,expressways etc. India has democracy,people here are fluent in speaking English, whereas Chinese only a miniscule speak English, on that count only India can claim to be developed country comparable to USA/UK/Canada/Australia/NZ etc.As per Agarwal China should be bunched with Pakistan/Bangladesh/African/Latin American countries, which are still very less developed, despite China being the world's second largest economy, this fact has to be swallowed because UN has acknowledged it.Unfortunately I cannot claim to be a patriot in Agarwal's mould.

印度不应该同中国比较。Arungopal Agarwal是正确的,他去过中国,因此意识到中国的落后,而我们都没去过。国家地理、发现频道以及Rediff和Yahoo等网站发表中国高铁、大桥、多层高架道路、高速公路等的报道,散布有关中国发展的谎言。印度有皿煮,人们流利说英语,而中国人只有一小部分人会说英语,为此印度可以宣称能成为媲美美国、英国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰等国的发达国家。正如Agarwal所言,尽管中国是世界第二大经济体,但中国应该和巴基斯坦、孟加拉国、非洲国家和拉美国家归成一类,都是些极度欠发达国家,你必须吞下这个事实,联合国已经承认了的。很不幸,我无法成为Agarwal的拥护者。


Re: No comparison
by Shri Hegde
since when speaking english is sign of development? by the way less than 30% of Indians speak fluent English.


Re: Re: No comparison
by vilas apte
Fluency is a sign of elitism,and helps "pseudo loyalists" like you to emigrate to USA/UK/Canada/Australia, which for you people is "heaven".


Re: No comparison
by sidha bol
that acknowledgement of UN might be also on fake records received. I have also interacted with them and worked with them and believe me whatever they showcase are 90% fake like their products anywhere in the world.


Re: Re: No comparison
by Jugal Ahuja
I go atleast 2-3 times to China for business purposes,and my brothers and myself have been procuring computer parts,furnitures,consumer goods etc for the last 10-12 years, and found no complaint with them. 80% of the goods on the shelf/ rack, in any upmarket store in any developed or developing country has "made in China" label,whether it is
toys,computer spares,electronics,daily use goods etc. If Chinese goods were that bad as you say your favourite Walmart,Carrrefor,Tesco,Metro,7day stores would not have procured 80% of their goods from China. Jealousy does not get you anywhere,Chinese automobile/luxury market is 10 times bigger than India's, and even bigger than that of Our favourite USA. Get this fact verified from BBC/CNN.


Re: Re: Re: No comparison
by Ajai Jacob

You hit the bull's eye,Ahuja.


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